Primary Processes

Nut Forming, Bolt Forming, Engine Critical /CNC & Boring

Secondary Processes

Heat Treating, Threading, Tapping, Welding, Crimping, Machining, Shot Blasting, Washing, Automated Inspection


Nut fasteners include:

Wheel nuts, hex nuts, hex cap nuts, flange nuts, castle nuts, lock nuts, weld nuts, other specialty nuts. Key also manufactures specialty bushings. 


Bolt, pin, & rivet fasteners include:

Stud bolts, flange bolts, hex bolts, knuckle bolts, hexalobular bolts, trim bolts, shank bolts, weld bolts, rib neck bolts, brake caliper pins, various rivets.


Critical engine parts:

The aluminum oil jet body pictured left is one of Key’s newest products. Manufacturing this part in-house requires fully automated robotic technology. 

Key also supplies other specialty engine components such as the oil jet body pictured right.